ObiWhey is a delicious and easy way to get the protein needed in the diet.  Taking in adequate protein on a daily basis is essential to health and longevity.  Unfortunately many people are protein deficient due to poor eating habits, improper food combining, calorie restricted diets, etc.  Ample and easily utilized protein is essential for not only athletes and exercise enthusiasts, but also all other people.  People of all ages including and especially children and older people tend to be protein deficient which affects both physical and mental health.

ObiWhey has a high biological value that is superior in essential amino acids compared to most other protein sources.  ObiWhey is easily digested and assimilated.  The whey protein in ObiWhey is an excellent source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s).  BCAA’s supply a large portion of the nitrogen muscles take in to build muscle tissue, and are invaluable for maintaining and even increasing muscle mass during calorie restricted diets.  In addition, whey protein contains several naturally occurring fractions that support healthy immunity.

There are countless positive scientific validations (related to whey protein in general) in making a case for the value of including whey protein in the daily diet. Some of these include:

“Consumption of whey protein seems to play an anti-obesity and muscle-protective role during dieting by increasing thermogenesis and maintaining lean mass.…whey protein may have beneficial effects on some symptoms of the metabolic syndrome as well as a reduction in cardiovascular risk factors.”

Obes Rev. 2013 Apr;14(4):324-43. doi: 10.1111/obr.12005. Epub 2012 Nov 20. The effects of whey protein on cardiometabolic risk factors.     Pal S1, Radavelli-Bagatini S

“The consumption of unhydrolyzed milk proteins (56 g/d) for 8 wk improved vascular reactivity, biomarkers of endothelial function, and lipid risk factors. Whey-protein supplementation also lowered 24-h ambulatory SBP (systolic blood pressure) and DBP (diastolic blood pressure)”

Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 Dec;104(6):1534-1544. Epub 2016 Oct 26. Whey protein lowers blood pressure and improves endothelial function and lipid biomarkers in adults with prehypertension and mild hypertension: results from the chronic Whey2Go randomized controlled trial. Fekete ÁA1,2, Giromini C3, Chatzidiakou Y1, Givens DI2, Lovegrove JA

“The meta-analysis showed a significant reduction in long term appetite” (with whey protein supplementation)

Clin Nutr ESPEN. 2017 Aug;20:34-40. doi: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2017.04.002. Epub 2017 May 8.  Effect of whey protein supplementation on long and short term appetite: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.  Mollahosseini M1, Shab-Bidar S1, Rahimi MH1, Djafarian K

“We conclude that whey protein …………………… may be of importance in the preservation of lean mass during longer-term weight loss interventions.”

J Nutr. 2015 Feb;145(2):246-52. doi: 10.3945/jn.114.200832. Epub 2014 Dec 17. Whey protein supplementation preserves postprandial myofibrillar protein synthesis during short-term energy restriction in overweight and obese adults.  Hector AJ1, Marcotte GR1, Churchward-Venne TA1, Murphy CH1, Breen L2, von Allmen M1, Baker SK3, Phillips SM

“Whey protein supplementation during resistance training augments lean body mass.”

J Am Coll Nutr. 2013;32(2):122-35. doi: 10.1080/07315724.2013.793580. Whey protein supplementation during resistance training augments lean body mass.  Volek JS1, Volk BM, Gómez AL, Kunces LJ, Kupchak BR, Freidenreich DJ, Aristizabal JC, Saenz C, Dunn-Lewis C, Ballard KD, Quann EE, Kawiecki DL, Flanagan SD, Comstock BA, Fragala MS, Earp JE, Fernandez ML, Bruno RS, Ptolemy AS, Kellogg MD, Maresh CM, Kraemer WJ.

“Supplementation of leucine and whey protein immediately after heavy resistance exercise increases anabolic signaling in human skeletal muscle.”

Biol Sport. 2017 Jun;34(2):197-203. doi: 10.5114/biolsport.2017.65339. Epub 2017 Jan 20. Endocrine responses and acute mTOR pathway phosphorylation to resistance exercise with leucine and whey.

Eur J Appl Physiol. 2014 Apr;114(4):735-42. doi: 10.1007/s00421-013-2812-7. Epub 2014 Jan 3. Whey protein intake after resistance exercise activates mTOR signaling in a dose-dependent manner in human skeletal muscle. Kakigi R1, Yoshihara T, Ozaki H, Ogura Y, Ichinoseki-Sekine N, Kobayashi H, Naito H

“WHEY supplementation compared with carbohydrate supplementation, during a caloric-restricted “cut” diet can assist in maintaining LBM(lean body mass) while allowing for the loss of FM (fat mass)”.

J Strength Cond Res. 2017 May;31(5):1353-1361. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001196. Effect of Whey Protein in Conjunction With a Caloric-Restricted Diet and Resistance Training. Dudgeon WD1, Kelley EP, Scheett TP Lane MT1, Herda TJ2, Fry AC2, Cooper MA2, Andre MJ3, Gallagher PM


A second unique component of ObiWhey is the inclusion of whole food form complex carbohydrates.  There is ample research that demonstrate the beneficial effect of complex carbohydrates taken concurrently with protein.  These complex carbohydrates also provide fiber, protein, and multiple beneficial naturally occurring nutrients.  Taking good carbohydrates simultaneously with protein allows for a protein sparing effect, thereby allowing the user to get the most benefit from the ingested protein.  Studies have found that:


Ingestion of protein and carbohydrates both cause an insulin response, however other metabolic responses differ in relation to both of these foodstuffs. 

From a natural and whole food perspective, protein is almost always ingested with complementary macronutrients to effect the best outcome.  The key is ingesting complex, non-refined carbohydrates.  This is exactly what ObiWhey delivers.*

Ingestion of whey can cause a rapid insulin response, which may lower blood sugar rapidly.  This effect is great for diabetics, but may be problematic for people with normal blood sugar levels.  Too fast a lowering of blood sugar may cause fatigue, and a desire to eat, especially simple sugars.

ObiWhey provides complex carbohydrates that digest slowly and evenly.  The insulin response is more even this way, but these longer lasting energy sources help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels while exercising thereby reducing the chance of encountering fatigue and hunger from pure whey.

“Protein co-ingestion with carbohydrates stimulates whole body and muscle protein synthesis rates during resistance-type exercise”

“Protein co-ingestion with carbohydrates optimizes whole body protein balance”.

“Co-ingesting protein and carbohydrates, in conjunction with resistance exercise, may stimulate an anabolic response”.

“An increase in dietary protein from 15% to 30% of energy at a constant carbohydrate intake produces a sustained decrease in ad libitum caloric intake” – “ and results in significant weight loss”.

“Body-weight loss and weight-maintenance depends on the high-protein, but not on the ‘low-carb’ component of the diet, while it is unrelated to the concomitant fat-content of the diet”.

PLoS One. 2017 Mar 15;12(3):e0173809. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0173809. eCollection 2017. Co-ingestion of carbohydrate and whey protein increases fasted rates of muscle protein synthesis immediately after resistance exercise in rats. Wang W1, Ding Z1, Solares GJ1, Choi SM2, Wang B3, Yoon A1, Farrar RP4, Ivy JL

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When is the best time to take ObiWhey?

You can take ObiWhey when it is convenient.  It can be advantageous to take prior to any physical activity, but it can certainly be taken at any time of the day.  It can also be used after a workout to re-supply essential amino acids.  ObiWhey can be an excellent complement to other foods as well in helping to improve the overall protein efficiency of that food, especially if it has one or more limiting amino acids.

Are there any stimulants in ObiWhey?

No, there is no caffeine, ephedra, synephrine or any other type of stimulant included in the formula.

How often should I take ObiWhey?

It is recommended to take the dose once daily.  You should check with your health care practitioner if you desire to take it more often during the day.

Can I take ObiWhey with other supplements?

In most cases yes.  Since ObiWhey is just concentrated food, it should be synergistic with most other supplements.  It is the same if you were taking the other supplements with your meal.

Can I take ObiWhey with medications?

Again, because ObiWhey is food, it should be okay.  However, that is something that is something that should probably be discussed with your doctor.  If you are taking medications or are being treated for a specific condition, you should always consult a health care provider before starting a new supplement.  Like most dietary supplements, ObiWhey can improve overall health.  If this occurs, then dosages of medications may need adjustments.  This should only be done with the assistance of your doctor.

How much water should I use when mixing the ObiWhey?

Anywhere from 6 to 8 ounces will be good.  It is also a matter of taste as more water will create a milder taste while less water creates a stronger orange taste.  If you take 2 or more doses per day of ObiWhey, it is probably a good idea to make sure you also consume adequate water.

Can I mix the ObiWhey in something other than water?

You can also mix ObiWhey in juice, preferably with no added sugar.  You may also make smoothies or shakes based on your preference.  The key is that ObiWhey only requires water for usage.

What is the best way to store ObiWhey?

Since the supplement is in powder form, care should be taken to not allow the powder to come in contact with any moisture.  Consequently, it should be stored in a cool dry place away from any humidity, as well as away from heat and sunlight.

What type of carbohydrates are used in ObiWhey?

The carbohydrates are 100% whole food based from superfood grains including amaranth, chia, millet, and quinoa.  They provide naturally occurring complex carbs, protein, and numerous micro-nutrients.

Is there any gluten in ObiWhey?

No, ObiWhey is 100% gluten free.


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