ObiStim is a delicious and easy to use pre-workout formula designed to support energy and endurance both physically and mentally.  It provides a whole food source of caffeine at a healthy beneficial level without being too high as to cause negative effects.  The reason that ObiStim can do this and deliver excellent energetic results is the effect of the other synergistic ingredients in ObiStim. These effects include improved oxygenation and increased ATP levels necessary for cellular energy.  This synergy is a key point in maximizing energy, endurance, focus, and results.*  Additional clinically demonstrated effects include:

Helps increase cellular oxygen usage in both the cells and mitochondria (energy factories in the cells).*

Boosts blood flow by promoting healthy nitric oxide levels and normal platelet function.*

Helps support healthy CRP (C-reactive protein) levels, a key indicator of inflammation*.

Helps improve athletic performance and body composition*

Promotes increased power output and training volume*

Helps reduce performance decrements associated with overreaching*

ObiStim delivers a whole food form of caffeine balanced with other naturally occurring ingredients that help to balance the effect, providing a more even energy response without the typical “jitters” associated with most energy products.  This effect is felt both physically and mentally, a key benefit for enhancing workouts and performance.*

ObiStim achieves great benefits due to its ability to energize, oxygenate, improve cellular energy mechanics, and the stimulate production of ATP in the body, the primary source of energy for all the cells in the body.*



Guayusa Tea

Found in the upper Amazon basin of South America, Guayusa is a super leaf herbal extract that has been used for thousands of years in the Andes Region of the Amazon. It delivers several positive benefits including a unique whole food form of caffeine. The caffeine in Guayusa, due to other constituents of the plant, is utilized by the body on a more even and consistent fashion. This helps create a more balanced and sustained energy boost, for both physical and mental performance.* In fact, in ages past Amazonian hunters would ingest Guayusa to create a balanced and focused energy prior to going into the jungle at night to hunt. In addition to caffeine, Guayusa provides antioxidants in the form of naturally occurring polyphenols. One of these compounds is Chlorogenic Acid, which has been extensively studied and is thought to provide benefits to both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The Guayusa extract in ObiStim is whole food based, scientifically qualified, sustainably and ethically sourced, and is both non-GMO and generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

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Is a superior antioxidant naturally derived from the fruit of Phyllanthus emblica, otherwide known as Indian Gooseberry. Capros offers several benefits to improve performance and is backed by 10 human clinical studies, 6 of which have been published. Two of these benefits are supporting healthy platelet aggregation and healthy endothelial function (greatly impacting nitric oxide production). Put another way, Capros helps support healthy circulation and subsequent oxygenation. Needless to say, this is vital for energy and endurance. Capros is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic healing, this compound has a sequential antioxidant effect. It delivers both an initial benefit and as it goes through metabolism continues to serve up antioxidant potential against a number of differing harmful free radicals. Capros also can help support a healthy inflammatory response.*

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ElevATP is a unique and clinically validated ingredient that helps the body produce adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of all cellular activity. Phosphate are high energy molecules that fuel all physical activity, including digestion and the production of more ATP. This function delivers a novel method, different from the energy of caffeine, for improving energy levels. In fact, ElevATP has been shown to help support lean muscle and strength, increase power output, and reduce decreases in performance associated with overreaching. It also has been shown to increase athletic performance.*, JARCP The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, THE EFFECT OF ELEVATP™ ON WHOLE BLOOD ATP LEVELS: A SINGLE DOSE, CROSSOVER CLINICAL STUDY T. Reyes-Izquierdo1, C. Shu1, R. Argumedo1, B. Nemzer2, Z. Pietrzkowski

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When is the best time to take ObiStim?

Take ObiStim, in 6-8 oz. of water approximately 30 minutes prior to a workout.  The energy boost should last for several hours.  Consequently, it is best not to take ObiStim after about 6 PM at night so there is no interference with sleep.  ObiStim may also be mixed with juice, preferably unsweetened.

What can I expect to feel when I take ObiStim?

Generally, you will feel an increased level of physical energy and a better overall ability to accomplish physical tasks.  You will also notice an increased alertness and even a better focus.  In addition, you may experience a longer level of endurance with which to sustain physical activity.

Are there stimulants in ObiStim?

ObiStim does contain caffeine, although it is derived from whole food sources and contains no caffeine added as an isolated ingredient.  Whole food sources of caffeine are cleaner and better to use for increasing energy.  In addition, these whole foods contain complementary compounds that help improve a more balanced and even effect from the caffeine within the body.


Can I take ObiStim with other supplements?

In most cases, yes.  However you should not combine ObiStim with other pre-workout products or supplements that contain stimulants like caffeine, yohimbe, evodia, etc.  Combining the caffeine from ObiStim, even though it is derived from whole food sources, with other stimulant products may be too strong for the body to handle at one time and cause unwanted effects.

Can I take ObiStim if I am taking medications?

Because ObiStim does contain naturally occurring caffeine which is a stimulant, you should check with your doctor before using ObiStim if you are currently taking any medications or being treated for any medical condition.  Do not take ObiStim if you are pregnant or nursing.


Can I use ObiStim prior to physical activity even over a long period of time?

Generally the answer is yes.  While ObiStim does contain caffeine, it is not at a potency level that would usually create tolerance build-up.  While the caffeine does help increase energy, ObiStim does not rely on just stimulating ingredients to improve both physical and mental energy.  In addition, because the caffeine is food based, the energy effect occurs in a more even fashion which tends to prevent tolerance build-up.

Are there any other suggestions for using ObiStim for pre-workout energizing?

Other than not taking after 6 PM, it is recommended that when taking ObiStim, or any stimulating type formula, to consume adequate fluids throughout the day to keep the body properly hydrated.

What is the best way to store ObiStim?

Since the supplement is in powder form, care should be taken to not allow the powder to come in contact with any moisture.  Consequently, it should be stored in a cool dry place away from any humidity, as well as away from heat and sunlight.


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