ObiSlim is an advanced formulation that helps the body reduce the desire to eat, utilizing several different mechanisms.  All of these facets work synergistically to safely and effectively allow a person to reach satiety faster while also improving digestion and utilization of food.  ObiSlim contains no stimulants and can be used daily for as long as desired since the effect is actually cumulative taken over an extended period.  ObiSlim combines a special herbal blend backed by human placebo controlled studies.  This herbal blend was tested over 12 weeks by having one dose taken 3 times daily prior to meals.  Subjects were asked to eat normally, but to confine their daily intake to 3 regular meals.  Over the 12 week period the subjects in the active group lost an average of 1 kilo (about 2 pounds) per week.  The control group showed no significant weight loss.  Additionally, the active herbal blend was well tolerated for the 12 weeks period.  Results indicate safety, tolerability, and efficacy.*


Reduce Appetite & Support Weight Loss*


Improve Metabolic Efficiency (without the use of stimulants)*


Supports digestion of proteins, fats and starch*


Increase Energy by Improving Production of ATP (more energy can help reduce food intake)*

Weight Loss in Animals and Humans Treated with “Weighlevel”, a Combination of Four Medicinal Plants Used in Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine

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A second aspect of ObiSlim is the inclusion of a multiple digestive enzyme blend (suitable for vegetarians) that works on all major food groups.  These enzymes help facilitate the breakdown and ultimate utilization of ingested food.*  Virtually all food is devoid of enzymes, including many raw foods as they are not allowed to grow to maturity.  Cooking anything over a temperature of about 120 degrees also destroys enzyme activity.  Consequently, most people don’t get much value from the food they eat other than calories.  This results in the body’s need to consume more food to get adequate macro- and micro-nutrients.  A vicious cycle is perpetuated which leads to a number of health problems, with obesity being one of the most notable problems.  By supplying much needed help in digesting foods, ObiSlim can help the system take in and more efficiently use nutrients.*  Due to natural feedback systems in the body, this results in signals going out telling the “body” to stop eating as it has been satisfied.  Over the course of time, improving enzymatic activity with meals can greatly improve satiety and improve metabolic functions on a wide scale.*

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A third aspect of ObiSlim is its ability to improve production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).*   ATP is the primary energy molecule of the body.  It powers all cellular functions in all life forms.  It is actually known as “the energy currency of life”. The body can both make ATP from ingested foods and use it to fuel cellular functions.  It is also essential to the production of DNA and RNA.  More activity requires more ATP and it can and does get used up. Poor diet, nutrient deficiency, poor oxygenation, and a number of other factors can cause ATP insufficiency.  This can lead to a number of imbalances. One such potential problems of inadequate ATP is excessive hunger and potential obesity.  Anything that can improve ATP production and levels may help improve normal body weight.*

“Hepatic ATP (in the liver) is believed to transmit afferent neural signals to the central nervous system resulting in a decrease in food intake.” 

“…..theory shows that obesity does not have to be caused by overeating and sedentary life-style but may be the result of the “obese” change in metabolism which is forcing people to overeat and save energy to sustain metabolic functions of cells.”

Poor diet leads to lower energy production in the liver which leads to a need to eat more food to produce energy.  A vicious cycle ensues.  Even people who eat less and exercise often gain weight.  A definitive cause of this may be the body’s chronic deficiency of energy which leads to excessive eating and fat storage.  Obesity may be more a case of impaired energy metabolism that cascades into several factors resulting in not only weight gain, but an inability to even lose weight with better habits.  By supplying extra ATP (through clinically proven non-stimulant ingredients), it may be possible to “short circuit” this cycle and re-establish a metabolism that can return to a healthy weight and stature.*, JARCP The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, THE EFFECT OF ELEVATP™ ON WHOLE BLOOD ATP LEVELS: A SINGLE DOSE, CROSSOVER CLINICAL STUDY T. Reyes-Izquierdo1, C. Shu1, R. Argumedo1, B. Nemzer2, Z. Pietrzkowski

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When is the best time to take ObiSlim?

The ideal time to take ObiSlim is just prior to a meal, or slightly after the meal, three times daily.  Take 1 capsule only per dose with a small amount of water.

What can I expect to notice when taking ObiSlim?

While everyone is different, users may notice a reduction in the desire to eat along with a need to eat less at any particular meal.  There also may be a noticeable improvement in digestion and even bowel regularity.

Are there any stimulant in ObiSlim?

No, there is no caffeine, ephedra, synephrine or any other type of stimulant included in the formula.

Can I take ObiSlim if I am taking other medications?

That is something that must be discussed with your doctor.  If you are taking medications or are being treated for a specific condition, you should always consult a health care provider before starting a new supplement.  ObiSlim contains no stimulant so it is safe to take in most cases.  However because losing weight can change overall metabolic parameters, if you are taking medications for things like blood pressure, blood thinning, heart problems, etc., you will need to have your doctor monitor your vital signs on a regular basis and determine if an when medication dosages need to be altered.  Also, ObiSlim should not be taken if you are pregnant or nursing.

Can I take ObiWhey with medications?

Again, because ObiWhey is food, it should be okay.  However, that is something that is something that should probably be discussed with your doctor.  If you are taking medications or are being treated for a specific condition, you should always consult a health care provider before starting a new supplement.  Like most dietary supplements, ObiWhey can improve overall health.  If this occurs, then dosages of medications may need adjustments.  This should only be done with the assistance of your doctor.

Should I continue to take ObiSlim even after I reach my target weight?

It would be advisable to do so since ObiSlim helps with overall appetite, digestion and energy.  Regular use of ObiSlim can also help to maintain healthy body weights after weight loss, a vital aspect of maintaining overall good health.

How should I store ObiSlim?

Keep the bottle tightly closed and store in a cool dry place, away from heat and moisture.


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